Raghu Neware

August 2, 2022by admin_udhayan

Raghu Neware

I love to live doing paintings with experimenting on mediums available around me in the paucity of resources. Many times it was difficult to carry the academics in fine arts, with non-availability of materials and tools, but the scarcity were never stand hurdles to enjoy my works. I experimented with every medium of color available, as coal tar for  Black color, earth colors, and broom sticks, as brushes, bringing the results in enjoying the fervor of creations. Thus experimentations and mediums, becomes forte of my creations of paintings. I breathe with colors and always had been with an open eye in learning from surroundings, society upheavals, and subjects I enliven with, rather the superimposed  upon me.

My subjects of “painting Series” on Remains of Ancestral temples, Bakri, Building, Bindu, Bottle, Flower, child Labour, Coal Mines, etc maneuver me to touch sensitive aspect of man, society behaviors in time & circumstances.

The essence of my subjects had always a core of” strong message’ derived from my own feelings and observations living in that time- frame.

“Mumbai Terror attack”, an incident happened in oct 2005, where I had devoted my solo show of exhibition of paintings for the charity cause, converting the show to this charitable cause.

Participations in a National camp at Nashirabad ,]algaon to pay reverence to the saint ‘NisargkanyaBainabai” and learn the life phiolosophy & teachings visiting her place .


Search of Eternity – 1131
Search of Eternity – 1134
Search of Eternity – 1136
Search of Eternity – 1137
Search of Eternity – 1144
Search of Eternity – 1142
Search of Eternity – 1143
Search of Eternity – 1138

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