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Art Attack: Concept Note

Art Attack – the installation looks the concept of vandalism from a new perspective. In the current scenario while the world looks at Art Vandalism as something between a movement and a nuisance, the installation focuses on the idea of vandalism itself and uses art to look at it through an enquiring lens. Does vandalism destroy art, or can art itself hold a mirror to society for its unending string of vandalism on our home planet? Art Attack looks at how human interference has definitely destroyed art and culture and the societal criticism of it on the outside, but it also focuses on the interior of this hypocrisy as it constantly vandalises our home from ground level to the cosmic, and creates a neo-culture of waste.

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Udayan Art Studio (@udayan.artstudio)

Historically, India has always been very rich in Art & Culture. However, several forms of art have got marginalized in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It’s not just important from an aesthetic angle but is a great skill that can potentially empower people to earn their livelihood. It’s a much deeper process to explore oneself and has limitless possibilities.

Driven by a passion for art and a strong desire to use such skill-building to promote art and have a meaningful and deeper impact on society, Arti Raj has initiated Udayan Art Studio in April 2022 that will fulfill these objectives. She believes that any form of artwork exudes positive energy, happiness, bonding, and everything that creates a positive aura.

Our motto is:

“ Changing the canvas of life “

In a very short span of time of less than a year , we have organised 11 group exhibitions and solo shows at our studio. Some of the innovative shows organised are

“ Art for everyone” and “ WhizKidz Art exhibition”

We strongly believe that society can only change if we are able to provide education and skills to all women as they are central to the concept of Family. An educated and skilled girl is a positive force for development and has a wide ranging impact on society. As part of our philiosophy of giving it back to the society, we commit ourselves towards “ skill-building and education of girl-child “ by supporting this cause through allocating 5 % of our profits towards the same.

We also commit to donate our work to any fund-raising exhibitions being organised to support a social cause or for fighting any natural disasters.

Artists :

Arti Raj  – Fine art artist and Art curator

Arti Raj is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur and a professional artist.

She is a Post Grad in Science and Management certification from IIM, Calcutta. She has also completed Design Thinking for Customer-centric Innovation certification  from IIM, Kozhikode. In the field of art, she has completed Postgraduate certification in Fine Art from Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Art and Craft, Mumbai and certificate art courses from Sir J J School of Art,Mumbai.

Currently she is the founder of Udayan Art Studio , an Art Gallery having its studio in Vikhroli, Mumbai. Udayan Art has started with the thought of providing a unique platform to talented artists of different artforms and styles from across the country. This is our concerted effort to take various artforms from the hallowed galleries’ to the lives of a common man who can experience this all on a daily basis with the power of technology.

She has provided platform to many upcoming talented artists who had exhibited their artworks for the first time in the exhibitions curated by her at her studio.

Anjali Nair – Art educator and Fine art artist

I have done my graduation in English Literature (Hons) from Delhi University, and have worked professionally in the garment industry both as a Merchandiser and an entrepreneur for some years. Art for me had mostly been a hobby which I indulged in often. It is after my kids were born and while pursuing my Post Graduation studies in Early childhood education, I saw the positive impact art activities can have on children and adult alike, it is then I started thinking of pursuing Art seriously. Hence, around 18years down the line I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts study from Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts. During my ongoing learning process, I have participated in various art workshops in collaboration with different artists, participated in various wall painting projects in and outside Mumbai. My selected works have been displayed in Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay Art Society and other exhibitions, including public art installation for the Bandra fest along with my artist friends. I have been an art educator for over 13years. I have also conducted number of art workshops for kids and adults alike, including an NGO under Save the Children Foundation, India training over 100 Balwadi teachers so as to propagate learning through Art.  My repertoire of experiences and a quest and love for experimenting and learning helps me indulge in unique experiences of working with different mediums like painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation art, etc


I have been brought up in a very vibrant environment with many social interactions sometimes loud and sometimes silent…each person a unique personality ..sometimes the characters extending to inanimate objects as well.. ..however connected to each other…with a sense of belonging…is it not that many strive to achieve?

Often these interactions make me genuinely interested in the working of the human mind and how working on our subconscious level we can reflect on our thinking with a better understanding at a conscious level…. for we are the thoughts that we give power and attention to.

As an artist my work explores and at times reminiscences the dynamics and complexity of relationship with oneself, others, nature and surroundings….it is these interactions and our ways of thinking that we perceive things on an individual level.


Aishwarya Arvind Parab – Fine artist and art educator.

I have done my graduation in Fine Arts (Painting) from Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts. Being a keen observer,learner and aspiring fine artist, I always get taken aback by the variety of elements in my surroundings. Be it the colour palette that we find all around us or the different characters we see in a local train. Observing things around me invokes many responses within me which eventually leads me to create my art.

Although I worked majorly with oil paints during my art school days, I also love to explore different mediums as well as materials in the process. I enjoy exploring sculpture, printmaking, installation art as well. My works explores the variety of figurative forms in the visual composition where I experiment with bold patches of colours and sometimes even capture the delicate details of the surroundings.

While painting my heart out on the canvas, I also enjoy being an art educator in an ICSE school. Dealing with different age groups doesn’t only make me explore and experiment but also builds up my artistic curiosity to do something challenging.

Teaching and learning throughout the process is an important part of my life which helps me indulge in experiential creative thinking.

As my favourite quote by Picasso says, ‘To search means nothing in painting. To find is the things’, my creative process is enriching by making me see the things beyond the visuals.

Spandan Nath – Artist, Writer, Filmmaker.

I am an Artist, Writer and Filmmaker. I have completed my MA (Hons.) with Research in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. I also have a Diploma in Filmmaking and a certificate course in Fine Art Print Making.

I often say that Art is my Qi as well as my Ikigai – ie. in simple terms Art is my life-force as well as what I was born to do. But more importantly it’s my form of self-expression, which has never stayed bound by one medium. Be it visual art, writing or even Filmmaking – they all represent self-expression and art for me. Art is not a single kind of work but it is rather multi-faceted or multi-dimensional.

Currently, I am the President – Head of Editorial, in a Story and Film based start up. I continue art as my true passion on the side. I have been a part of Kalaghoda Art Festival in the year 2019 where I worked with my fellow artists from Rachana Sansad AFAC under the curatorship of Sonal Motla and the works were displayed in Jehangir Art Gallery. I have also had the privilege of exhibiting in multiple group shows since 2014. My latest exhibition was an exclusive 3 Artist show at Nippon Art Gallery along with Artist Anjali Nair and Artist Aishwarya Parab, who are also a part of the team for this installation – Art Attack.


Satinath Das – Artist and Art Educator.

I have completed my Art Education in Kolkata, did my research course from National Survey of Indian Art (NSIA New Delhi).

I mostly prefer to work on the themes of Nature with acrylic, water and oil colour. I also enjoy to collect various wooden sculptures.

I am also an Art Educator at SSC board school of students of different age groups. I have also been a judge at various art competitions organised by Lions club and Rotary club.

I have enjoyed by giving art therepies to the differently-abled children, it was my honourary service.

I also got silver and bronze awards. I also have an association with a welfare organisation which conducts different activities for children.

I also helped with an online art exhibition organised by Life on Life trust (LOLT).

I acknowledge the quote “Art is the collaboration between god and artist” by Andre Gide (a well known French writer).

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Driven by a passion for art and a strong desire to use such skill-building to promote art and have a meaning and deeper impact on society, Art Raj has initiated Udayan Art Studio that will fulfill these objectives.

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